Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Slow Nerves?

How would you feel if your nerves were slow? Tired? Brain-fog? Pain? Weakness? The nervous system is made up of the Brain, spinal cord and connected nerves that go everywhere in the body. Most people don't realize that our nervous system controls every function in the body from how fast your heart beats to perception of pain and digestion just to name a few. If your nerve arn't working right, they your aren't working right.

The speed of transmission of nerve signals if different for different things. For instance, pain travels slower than touch. Touch travels about 350 feet per second, pain travels 2 feet per second. When you stub your toe you feel the pressure first, then the pain. Thinking is in the mid-range of speed at about 100 feet per second. Maybe even slower for some people you know.

How can you make sure your nerves are not working slow? Exercise and movement will keep your nerves firing. This is described in a great book called Spark by John Ratey, MD. Dr. Ratey reviewed studies of children and academics as related to exercise and Brain function. An excellent book if you like that amount of detail and are a biology nerd like me.

People come to my office with spinal dysfunction. One type of dysfunction is subluxation, abnormal movement of a vertebra causes nervous system interference. An adjustment is fantastic at restoring the nerve speed of the nerves in the area and allowing the nervous system to do it's job.

Chiropractic care helps your spine and nervous system by maximizing nerve transmission. If your nerves are working slow then your body will not be working like it should. Without good nervous system function you are not going to function at 100%.

So dont let your bones get on your nerves. Get checked for subluxations and if found get treatment. You will not only feel better but your nerves will be able to function better making you a healthier person from the inside-out.

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