Thursday, October 2, 2008

Running on the River Ring in Florissant

I had the opportunity to go for a run yesterday on a trail not far from the office called the Sunset Greenway Trail. It's just north of the office on Humes. A nice path a little over 3 miles going from Old Town Florissant to the River at Sunset Park. You may not know that this path is part of the River Ring.

This River Ring is a plan by "The Great Rivers Greenway District" to create a 600 mile ring of trails around all of St. Louis. This project started 5 years ago with the plan to connect over 100 municipalities in Missouri and Illinois. This River Ring has a spur into Florissant called the Sunset Greenway. I wanted to invite you to get outside and walk, run or ride this season. Incorporate this trail into your walk or run next time your are out. For more information about the River Ring in Florissant visit their website.

19 Mullanphy Gardens - Florissant, MO; 63031 - 314-837-9911-

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