Wednesday, October 21, 2009

VIDEO: Excerpts from Brain Workshop.


Workshop on The Brain from Craig Anderson on Vimeo.

Video from our workshop on Oct 6th.  The focus of this workshop was how the brain and nervous system prioritizes body function.


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Friday, October 2, 2009

5 Part Series Starts this Tuesday

I have finalized the titles of this series.  This is new information and presentation and I am excited to get rolling.  My 11 year old will be here to help record the talk for those of you who cant make it…

10/6: It's All Starts In Your Brain

10/20: Why Move Your body

11/3: How Your Body Makes Energy

11/17: Your Body and Stress

12/1: Get the Most from Your Body

See you at the office at 6pm, Tuesday October 6th.

680b55639a27d3effd6759abbb4254bf A little behind the scenes:  I’m going to use something called “The Brain” to do the presentation.  It’s not a typical way to present information.  It’s formatted in a similar ways that the brain stores memories…could be interesting.