Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Introducing the Fall Makeover

By: Dr. Anderson

Welcome to a new season – Fall.  I love when the seasons change.   This change of season brings about an opportulogonity for other changes, in your habits.  It’s a great time to to assess where you are in life, set goals and make improvement where needed.

Fall is also a time to gain weight.  It’s well know that people gain weight in the Fall.  I think there are several reasons. 

  1. More clothes to cover your body so a few extra pounds wont hurt.
  2. Animals store more fat just before Winter.  Humans may have similar wiring that encourages eating.
  3. More social eating.  Halloween parties, football tailgating, and eating in groups for any reason promote grazing and consuming large amounts of calories.
  4. More couch-potato-ing.  Less sun means less activity.

To help combat this trend, I am happy to announce my Fall Makeover.  This post is the first of 8 weeks of posts and workshops aimed to support you in your health goals

We will cover it all. 

  • Diet and exercise, how and what to eat. 
  • What stress does to the body
  • How the body works
  • and some good ole’ fashioned anatomy.

Each week (or more) I’ll post an article on the blog with links and recourses for you to read and use.632e0d61755d165f71ac8cfbf94450d2

Every other week we will have an in-office workshop.  I have a series of 5 free workshops planned, the first on is October 6th.  They are scheduled for every other Tuesday, register here

We are also going to do some tracking for you.  If you like, we will take your weight and blood pressure starting the first week of October.  Then as you progress through the season you can see your progress while you implement what you are learning during our Fall Makeover.

Attending the workshops are not needed but highly recommended.  Let me know if you want to join the process by registering.

Have a healthy day!

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