Friday, April 4, 2008

Why are you walking on your knees?

I came across a guy named Ben last week who was walking on his knees. Yea, he decided that walking on his feet wasn't for him so he would bend his legs and actually walk on his knees. It turns out that by walking on his knees he didn't need to bend as much making his back feel better. He also noticed that his feet didn't hurt him like they use to.

Every few days Ben's knees started hurting so he would walk upright for that day. He would put ice on them and take some Tylenol, that always fixed it. Then back to the knees. He has been using his knee strategy for a few years and it's working out great. A great conversation starter.

It's too bad, Ben's knees are going to deteriorate and he is oblivious. Knees are not made to work that way.

I used this fictitious little story to help you get a glimpse into my world. I see people abusing their bodies everyday. I tell these real life "Bens" to "walk on their feet" but they are just fine taking a Tylenol every morning to "fix the problem".

Most spinal problems never have to be. With early education and proper maintenance, your spine should easily last 100 years. Unfortunately preventative maintenance of the spine is often lacking in our symptom based world.

So the next time you see someone "walking on their knees":
  • Bad posture
  • Lifting with their legs
  • Talking a Tylenol or other pain medication for pain that keeps coming back
Send them to your chiropractor.

Have a great weekend,
Dr. A

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