Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Study Looks at Low Back Pain in Kids

What factors predict whether or not a child will suffer from low-back pain (LBP)? To find out, researchers tracked 1,046 youths, aged 11 to 14 years, for 1 year. All subjects were free of LBP at the study’s onset.

Youngsters were more likely to develop LBP if they had trouble relating to peers and teachers, especially conduct problems. Children who reported a high number of other pain disorders at baseline — such as stomachache, headache and sore throat — were also at an elevated risk of LBP.

“In contrast, we have been unable to demonstrate a strong association between daily mechanical load (schoolbag weight) and the short-term risk of new-onset LBP,” note the study’s authors.

Pediatrics – April 9, 2003;111:822-8. http://www.pediatrics.org/

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